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Supermarket Electronic Parcel Locker

customized RAL color

knock down structure

automatic production line best price

competitive price with wonderful design

supermarket electronic parcel locker is more convenient in our daily life charging tools, the supermarket electronic parcel locker not only can well decorate the business environment, but also can effectively enhance the overall image of enterprises, schools, institutions to facilitate a unified charging phone, management Staff unified management.

Speaking of supermarket electronic parcel locker manufacturers in Luoyang, Henan Yuhui Industrial Co., Ltd. is a more reliable one, no matter from the counter, technology, technology, circuit, power, voltage, grid, locks, drawers or accessories, color, after-sales service and so on Are your best choice.

Henan Yuhui Industrial since its inception has formed a good reputation in the supermarket electronic parcel locker industry, from your choice to use later we will have professionals to keep in touch with you, provide first-class services, and always in a "customer-oriented" sales philosophy, Let you choose the comfortable, buy rest assured, with peace of mind.

Another is the supermarket electronic parcel locker product itself with a brand, good supermarket electronic parcel locker product quality and excellent price, brand self-recognition to enhance, for a manufacturer, the brand is the product sales of the supermarket electronic parcel locker product is the cornerstone of the brand success, the product seems to be the body , The brand is like a human soul.

Product name

supermarket electronic parcel locker

Steel thickness

0.5mm, 0.6mm as usual, 0.4-1.2mm are acceptable


Customized RAL color, Pan tone color and so on.




key lock or other customized lock


5 years for normal usage

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