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What Are The Disadvantages Of Electronic Lockers?
Jan 26, 2018

Electronic lockers go live beyond the limited convenience that traditional lockers bring us. Whenever you go shopping in the supermarket, the items you carry around can be stored in the space in the supermarket locker, which is large , Bulky items placed without pressure, by the vast number of consumers of all ages.

Electronic lockers have quietly prevailed in recent years as supermarkets and a secure storage device, and then help consumers to store goods that are not easily carried, what are the disadvantages compared to the electronic lockers we know in the locker room?

First, you can waste customers' time on the project and streamline operations to increase usage.

Second, the recognition rate is particularly high. Whether we crumple half of the barcode paper or not, we can easily use the barcode as the extraction document to improve the documentary evidence, only if we do not damage the barcode paper pattern.

Third, under bar code paper, there is no numerical code to facilitate the comparison of records. At the same time, bar code is artificially damaged, the code can still be output through the keyboard and stop extracting.

Fourthly, at the center of the crowd flow, it can fully demonstrate its superior function.

Fifth, the supermarket locker can print out the name of the unit and place, can improve the abstraction of the unit, to prevent disputes caused by the password mixed.

Sixth, in the event of a power outage or mains voltage swing, the machine automatically connects to standby power or stops power regulation. Backup power after power failure should not be less than 4 hours.

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