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The Use Of Supermarket Lockers
Jan 26, 2018

The use of supermarket lockers

The moment, the energy shortage is a very serious problem. In terms of the scope of the current world, China has a low level of per capita energy resources. Therefore, in today's global context of energy-saving emission reduction, low-carbon economy will be the mainstream of China's economic development. Today, the word energy-saving has been deep into our millions of households. However, non-carbon non-environmentally friendly products can be seen everywhere, supermarket locker is one of them. Those who write the password of the small pieces of paper life is often not more than tens of minutes, every day there will be a large number of such small pieces of paper, this is a very non-environmental behavior. Therefore, it is very important to seek a package system that can avoid pollution.

The existing supermarket lockers use relatively high cost. The built-in miniature printer and thermal paper used are not cheap. Every day there will be a large number of people to save the package, a piece of paper for one person, this calculation will be a considerable cost. We also found that when the light source is poor, such as overcast or nighttime, the depositor may occasionally fall into the locker when picking up the contents. When this happens, some people find themselves unlucky, no longer go back to their own items, resulting in a certain loss; while some customers will go to the supermarket administrator for help. As a result, a lot of manpower and resources wereted. Therefore, if you find a way to make it easy for customers to know if they have missed something, the locker will become more humane.