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The Existence Of The Existence Of The Value Of The System
Jan 26, 2018

We should pay more attention to the realities of the supermarket industry and the existing value of the existing system of deposit and withdrawal as well as the thrashing of the thriving supermarkets in China due to theft of merchandise brought by banning the deposit system, unmanageable management and order disorder. . Moreover, the legal relationship of depositing behavior is clear. As long as the supermarkets and customers fulfill their respective duties and fulfill their duty of care and attention, they can eliminate such litigation disputes in the bud. Furthermore, in order to protect the rights and interests of consumers, this convenient, fast and effective management is excluded. However, the total use of manual deposit will undoubtedly increase the cost of business management. This cost will undoubtedly be allocated to consumers, The ultimate damage or consumer. Fairness and justice is the value of the soul of the protection of rights in civil law. As the consumers and operators of equal civil subjects, the law is equally important to the protection of their lawful rights and interests, with no distinction of severity.