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Storage Containers In The Use Of The University How?
Jan 26, 2018

The development of library lockers can be used as a reference. Although the management system of university libraries vary. However, simple electronic lockers have many common problems in daily use. What is the use of lockers? The electronic locker is part of the library service because the locker is usually placed at the very front of the entrance and is also called the library card. The library's overview is from the storage cabinet. The library's storage room is one of the attractions we know about the library. Its emergence and use reflects the improvement of the library humanized service level. With the rapid development of the times, libraries in today's library are getting more and more embarrassed. Should be retained or deleted? It will become the focus of attention. University attaches importance to the management and construction of lockers, the choice of antique wood structure, modern simple and bright stainless steel mesh. Or, through the permutations and combinations of the garments, an entrance porch space was created; or, with the main wall entering the museum, an effective publicity window could be formed to make people forget it. Cabinets have become an interesting view in the library.

Library storage cabinet construction, with the development of the school has gone through several stages, each stage of the locker there are problems in the use of management measures have focused. Electronic locker is not installed lock. When the reader enters the library, he puts his belongings in the bin, and he can always see the locker as he enters the library for a book or reading. This model is simple, direct, one or more, will not result in manpower costs. Storage cabinets basically achieve a one cabinet to meet the needs of readers. Readers and staff have varying degrees of responsibility for the safety of safe deposit items and fewer disputes between readers and the library.