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Intelligent Cabinet Maintenance And Maintenance Methods
Jan 26, 2018

Packaged products should be able to adapt to the normal transport of any means of transport, transport, should avoid damage and rain and snow hit. Storage: Packaged products should be stored in a dry and ventilated indoor warehouse, stacked to prevent pressure loss, to avoid contact with corrosive substances and gases.

1, Shelves walking mechanism for the chain drive, when the frame body for a period of time, you can open the bottom layer of the floor, to the sprocket and bearing filling oil.

2, install the shelves rack should be dry and ventilated.

3, the body surface does not allow long-term exposure to sunlight.

4, should keep the guide groove clean, no debris clogging.

5, the surface of the spray is strictly prohibited gasoline, highly alcohol, pineapple water, banana water scrub, it will lose the luster and faded spray surface.