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How To Unlock The Locker?
Jan 26, 2018

We often see this state in the office of the password lock, ha ha, was stopped by the tape of paper, because of age, no one knows the password, once the lock can not be turned on or locked locked.

The password lock to open the method is:

1, turn clockwise more than three times, and then the first password;

2, after turning a circle counterclockwise on the second password (even if the second password is crossed but did not reach a circle but also continue to turn after a lap and can not exceed two laps, then the second password) ;

3, turn clockwise to the third password. The key is to understand the second step.

Do not know how to do the password? If the locker is locked, you can only lock the cabinet. If you can open the door, the first step, please remove the door behind the metal cover to protect the door lock.

When you open it, you see the three yellow turntables stacked together. This is the password pad. Each pad has a deep notch, as indicated by the arrows, and the three notches overlap the positions indicated by the arrows When turning the handle, the stopper on the latch can fall, the door can be opened.