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Functional Advanced And Suitable For College Students Locker
Jan 26, 2018

(1) lockers with management lock. Students put the bag in the cabinet. Own with padlock lock. Take package back door automatically closed. If the violation overtime, do not take the cabinet items. The school library manager opens the management lock and opens the door. This prevents students from taking long-term counters.

(2) magnetic storage cabinet. This is common in bathhouses. Readers of the magnetic key ring. Into the study room to receive, lock the package. To be open, the reader and the manager of the magnetic deduction jointly open the door. The reader hand over the bracelet when leaving. The benefits are safe, not easy to copy, easy to carry and keep. Librarian check the situation inside the cabinet is also very convenient. Both have a convenient librarian management clean up lockers. Overcome the shortcomings of some readers owning locks to take public goods for a long time.

(3) Most of the students from the study room are PubMed students, with the museum as their home and camping almost in the study room. Eating, drinking, wearing, wearing a home to live like a living, there are piles of books, it occupies a place, but not particularly important and valuable, but as previously said heap on the ground neither elegant nor damaged Articles, in view of this situation, you can sit in the study hall around the wall at four shelves, allowing students to store items, with the students as convenient, free, but also moisture, mildew.