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Convenient And Practical Intelligent Charging Cabinet
Jan 26, 2018

Smart charging cabinets generally refer to a type of computer device that converts AC power to multi-line devices. Mobile charging cabinets in a wide range of uses, can be widely used in schools or institutions, enterprises and other collective units at the same time charging device, intelligent charging cabinet to facilitate the management of digital products. Drawer-type design on each floor, convenient connection charging; intelligent charging cabinet bottom with 4 high-quality silent casters, mobile freedom and flexibility, no noise, is very used in school teaching. This is just one of the advantages.

Intelligent charging cabinet light there is no more convenient and practical, give you a detailed talk about its main features below:

1. According to the actual needs of different customers, support different tablet at the same time charging, such as 10 to 60 bits.

2. Circuit with a series of integrated power management protection system, anti-short circuit against overload leakage prevention, to ensure the safety of users.

3. Cabinets with plastic partitions, layered tablet effectively prevent Tablet PC scratch.

4. Armrest design should be ergonomic, with oval stainless steel tube, beautiful, practical; charging cabinet up and down the front decorative plate and the left and right doors are designed with circular arc, which greatly reduce the bump problems for teachers and students; left and right doors and maintenance Doors have vents, the effective removal of hot air inside the cabinet.

5. The circuit board should be charged with a USB interface to prevent the instantaneous current is too large damage to the device, thereby affecting personal safety.

6. The cabinet material is 1.0-1.8mm cold-rolled carbon steel is excellent, acid and alkali corrosion process, wear-resistant, anti-static, so as to be safe and durable.

7. Fully enclosed anti-theft structure, security burglar.

8. The side of the cabinet with a storage slot, can store the power cord, wireless AP and so on.