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5 Teach You How To Maintain Stainless Steel Furniture
Jan 26, 2018

1, when cleaning stainless steel furniture, do not use the steel ball to wipe its surface, to prevent scratches, stains with a damp cloth can be gently wipe.

2, stainless steel furniture needs regular cleaning, dust or dirt on the surface, available warm water washing. If oil drops on it, wipe it clean with a soft cloth and then wash with detergent.

3, after a long time will find some stainless steel furniture surface will have a rainbow pattern, which is caused by excessive oil or detergent on top, where you can wash with warm water.

4, squeeze the toothpaste in the dirty stainless steel furniture above, with a toothbrush in the above repeated scrubbing, and finally wiped with a damp cloth.

5, good stainless steel furniture requires our caring, in the place to put stainless steel furniture to avoid direct sunlight.