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Ikea Metal Locker Cabinet

customized RAL color

knock down structure

automatic production line best price

competitive price with wonderful design

ikea metal locker cabinet meet the requirements of the state environmental protection production requirements, green pollution-free, ikea metal locker cabinet series product has passed Quality Management System Certificate ISO9001, Environment Management System Certificate ISO 14001, ikea metal locker cabinet also passed Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate OHSAS18001, and CE certificate.

Product name

ikea metal locker cabinet

Steel thickness

0.5mm, 0.6mm as usual, 0.4-1.2mm are acceptable


Customized RAL color, Pan tone color and so on.




key lock or other customized lock


5 years for normal usage


Can you make ikea series product?

Our product are ikea metal locker cabinet, similar with the ikea product,the anti-dumping design,we also have cooperated with ikea furniture before, so our ikea metal locker cabinet product are high quality

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