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Barcode Luggage Locker

customized RAL color

knock down structure

automatic production line best price

competitive price with wonderful design

About the Barcode luggage locker quality inspection, No matter it is the sample or the production of large quantity Barcode luggage locker goods, we will carry out strict quality inspection of all the products before loading and leave the factory, promptly find the unqualified products, actively repair or re-arrange the production as soon as possible avoid delay the Delivery time, to ensure that customers can receive high quality products.

Product name

Barcode luggage locker

Steel thickness

0.5mm, 0.6mm as usual, 0.4-1.2mm are acceptable


Customized RAL color, Pan tone color and so on.




key lock or other customized lock


5 years for normal usage


How can i use the Barcode luggage locker?

1. Please take the Barcode paper from the Barcode luggage locker, welcome to use. Please deposit your goods in No.3 box,and remember to close the door! ( the Barcode paper can be use only once, please do not deposit your goods in the opening door, thanks for your cooperation!)

2. Please withdraw your goods from Barcode luggage locker in No.3 box and remember to close the door, thanks for your cooperation!

3. The Barcode paper has been used, can not been use again!

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