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The impact of the implementation of the locker system
Jan 26, 2018

The implementation of the locker system has a direct impact on the success or failure of the work. The reason why the locker management measures into the library business work process, is to make it gradually solidified as part of the library business, to be able to go along with it. Of course, this is not enough. On the one hand, librarians should continue to pay close attention to the work of package storage management, increase supervision and regularly check the implementation of this work. On the other hand, they should also make regular use of display panels, large screens and readers' education Activities and other means of publicity; training readers consciously abide by the habit of locker management system so that the use of locker uncivilized phenomenon there is no market, everyone despises. It is necessary to gradually establish an interdependent trust relationship between readers and managers to jointly solve the problems in the management and use of lockers.

Library work is no small matter, university library managers should fully understand the deficiencies of the management of the museum lockers, according to the actual museum, the advantages and avoid disadvantages, to develop a series of reasonable management system and management of lockers and serious To implement it, we should start from the big picture and start small, remodeling the library's good service image on the issue of locker.

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