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Self-storage currently to be solved
Jan 26, 2018

The primary problem to be solved, whether it be the custodial or the borrowing of contractual perspectives, is the recognition of self-hosting as a contractual relationship. The fundamental symbol of the establishment of the contract lies in the parties to the contract to reach agreement on the content of the contract. However, in the self-storage behavior, consumers and operators often deviate from the awareness of self-storage, the two parties have not reached a consensus, and unilaterally made by the operator mandatory package regulations and the "package notice" contrary to relevant laws Therefore, self-hosting is not a contractual relationship.

Operators provide self-service locker service to consumers at the same time, usually in the self-service locker on the "Notice to send" prompt consumers "self-storage, at your own risk", the act that the operator did not make custody The meaning of the thing the consumer deposits, only made the meaning of borrowing, therefore, the two sides did not agree on the content of the contract, said the agreement does not hold custody. In return, consumers have to accept mandatory unilateral bag-keeping requirements by operators to deposit their carry-on items in lockers in order to gain access to a particular place, at which point consumers are often perceived as being forced to complete After the self-service package operation, the operator shall carry out the most basic and proper protection of the deposited goods, and the operator shall assume the responsibility of keeping the articles deposited by the consumer in the safe deposit cabinet. Under such circumstances, the two parties did not agree on the content of the loan contract that the contractual relationship was not established.

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