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Self-service package, an overview of independent package
Jan 26, 2018

Self-service package mainly through the promotion of service concept, service means to provide users with more convenient and comfortable package environment. At present, the concept of the supermarket package of "no deposit, no deposit, self-service deposit" has been realized in first-class cities all over China. The "post-depository era" marked by "self-depositing and self-depositing" will replace the existing "must deposit, artificial deposit" situation. Believe that with the deepening mutual trust between library staff and readers, with the continuous popularization of electronic defense system, with the improvement of the relevant rules and regulations of the library, the era of post-storage of the library is also coming. We will also enter the realm of "doing what we want above the limit" as Confucius said; reaching the heights of "paradise," as Borghsian, a literary master in Argentina, said. At that time, "depositing" and "not saving" will no longer be a problem, but a better interpretation of the humanistic service concept by the library.

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