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How to identify the quality of electronic locker?
Jan 26, 2018

1, the electronic lockers are usually divided into cold-rolled steel sheet materials, galvanized sheet, electrolytic plate. Material thickness is the most important indicator of material. In general, the thickness of the board is between 0.6 mm and 1.2 mm. These conditions can be measured with a vernier caliper. There are no conditions that can be used for hard objects, but there is a clear distinction between slabs and sheets. In addition, the surface technology is the decisive factor determining the appearance of electronic lockers. The surface treatment is mainly sprayed (sprayed) and sprayed. The method of identification is very simple, with nails through the force, without leaving any trace of the surface spray (spray ), Leaving obvious scratches on the surface paint.

2, structural design. Due to the different locks and the design and manufacture of different processes, electronic lockers are divided into two kinds of sandwich and non-sandwich. No sandwich cabinets save area.

3, software copyright. Electronic lockers are an organic combination of electronic components, hardware, computer software and machinery. Software is like a human brain. The hardware is just like the human blood system, the respiratory system, and other circulatory systems. The machine is like a human body. Under the circumstance that IPR is more and more valued by the state, the independent ownership of the software copyright by manufacturing enterprise not only helps the upgrade of the software but also improves the performance of the locker, but also provides the protection of consumers' safe use of products and away from Legal disputes.

4, user-friendly design. Mainly include voice prompts to store and extract, user-friendly, easy to understand interface and management interface, convenient and safe administrator mode.

5, perfect after-sales service system. Well-known storage cabinet manufacturers throughout the country established a perfect after-sales service system. Electronic storage as a large and medium-sized mechanical and electrical equipment, need maintenance. Improve after-sales service network, in the face of any problems can provide technical support.

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