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Dense steel cabinets, shelves of the process there are several?
Jan 26, 2018

Steel office-intensive cabinets / Shelves are divided into panel-type compact shelves / shelves, sticker-type shelves / shelves, melamine-based panel shelves / shelves, and mixed category boards consisting of two or more of the above categories Dense cabinet / Shelves.

1. Steel-intensive cabinet / Shelves board technology, that is made of particleboard or MDF board made of dense cabinet / Shelves paste the surface of the natural steel-intensive cabinet, Shelves skin, this technology to produce dense Cabinet / Shelves. Intensive cabinet steel plate is dense cabinet / Shelves. The advantage is that the surface and the actual steel-intensive cabinet / Shelves as beautiful, natural texture; disadvantage is that the performance of environmental protection than the actual steel-intensive cabinet / shelves slightly worse.

2. Sticker leather craft, that is to say, the special paper craft sticking to the surface of the board is made into the dense cabinet / dense frame craft. The dense cabinet / dense frame produced by this kind of craft is the sticker board type dense cabinet / dense frame. The advantage is the dense cabinet / shelves surface color and pattern controllable; the disadvantage is the high quality of the process, easy to skin, repair after the damage is difficult to be traceless.

3. Melamine process, melamine process is the surface of the plate, after high temperature and pressure, covering a layer of melamine surface. After this process of plate-intensive cabinet / Shelves, the surface is smooth, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, dense cabinet / Shelves can maintain its own material color; disadvantage is inferior products environmental compliance, sealing edge is not good there will be cracking, Can not change color.

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