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Decentralized management to solve the shortage of lockers personnel problems
Jan 26, 2018

Decentralized management is forbidden within the bag with the Department of Room, such as a bookstore or reading room, in front of these departments and rooms in the reasonable place a larger number of lockers, to fully ensure that these direct users can use storage lockers, the specific management Library should take the library card, key, on behalf of the book board trinity management procedures, the specific procedures to the library as an example: the reader before entering the library to produce a library card, there is a need for readers of the library package to stay borrowing card to obtain the locker key, register managers to register Card and locker number, the reader packs, get the bookboard into the stack, readers choose the book is completed, the manager according to the reader to find the package key number to find the borrowing card, for borrowing procedures, the reader retrieve the deposited items with the key in exchange for Borrowing card to leave; no need to keep the reader without the need for deposit library card, directly to take the book board into the library. In this way, the management of the locker will be incorporated into the loan management program, and although the addition of more procedures increases the difficulty of work, it solves the problem of shortage of library staff due to the management of the locker by the hand.

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