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Cabinet appearance of the processing requirements
Jan 26, 2018

Steel filing cabinets used in the processing of sheet and pipe parts, grinding burrs after processing, no cracks and scars, such products can be beautiful, the use of not hurt the hand. To meet the needs of users, user-friendly, appearance requirements are as follows:

1. Filing cabinets, steel filing cabinets, intensive cabinets, wardrobe, filing cabinets of various parts, assemblies, smooth surface, smooth.

2. Color According to the contract, the surface of the same color, the paint is smooth, no scratches. Steel file cabinet spray quality control standards:

(1) degreasing, rust treatment process:

A, the surface of the oil, rust and oxide layer, after chemical degreasing degreasing, there should be no grease, floating mud and other dirt, the surface should be completely wetted with water.

B, pickling the workpiece, there should be no visible oxide, rust and other corrosion phenomena, the surface should be substantially uniform color.

(2) Phosphating process:

A, Phosphating treatment mainly used stain method.

B, phosphating zinc-calcium phosphate dihydrogen phosphate as the main component of the solution, the phosphating bath preparation, adjustment, according to process requirements.

C, after phosphating the workpiece, should be thoroughly washed with flowing water to improve the cleaning quality of the workpiece surface, while using hot chromic acid solution for closed treatment.

D, the workpiece after phosphating, washing, drying with a dryer before spraying.

E, after phosphating the workpiece and the spray time generally no more than 24 hours.

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