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Metal File Cabinet with Glass

customized RAL color

knock down structure

automatic production line best price

competitive price with wonderful design

metal file cabinet with glass is to place documents, information and other cabinets. Generally used in the office, archive, data room, storage room or personal study, etc., the size of the file cabinet commonly used in the previous office is H1850*W900*D450mm

plastic metal file cabinet with glass. Really file rack, the main storage of some frequently used files, can not store too much file information, because the long-term plastic deformation will be. The size of this office file cabinet is relatively small in general: length: 250mm, width 260mm, height 310mm.

metal file cabinet with glass, metal file cabinet with glass are the most popular. Steel cabinets green, easy to move long haul. The main storage long-term preservation of documents. Common sizes are: height 1800mm, width 900mm, depth 400mm. Wooden file cabinet with glass with glass Appearance looks very upscale. Mainly behind the boss and manager desk configuration. Quality office file cabinet size is generally: 1800mm high, paragraph 900mm, 400mm deep

Product name

metal file cabinet with glass

Steel thickness

0.5mm, 0.6mm as usual, 0.4-1.2mm are acceptable


Customized RAL color, Pan tone color and so on.




key lock or other customized lock


5 years for normal usage

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