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Metal Cell Phone Charging Locker

customized RAL color

knock down structure

automatic production line best price

competitive price with wonderful design

metal cell phone charging locker is a charging device that can send mobile phone fast charging, stylish design, reasonable structure with high-tech content. Provide power protection for those who go out without battery

metal cell phone charging locker performance introduction:

1, any operation using the process, there will be a voice reminder throughout.

2, the customer can set whether to use the process of charging, but also pricing on demand.

3, the charging time according to user needs, the general charge 10 minutes, can be more than 4 hours standby.

4, internal limited pressure, current limiting protection device to prevent short circuit configuration.

5, can support multi-dimensional customer mobile phone charging, 10 line charge, there are 2 universal charger for a variety of mobile phones.

Some basic configuration of the metal cell phone charging locker:

metal cell phone charging locker: high-quality cold-rolled steel, all steel structure, durable.

metal cell phone charging locker for shopping malls, railway stations, airports, entertainment, tourist attractions and some other staff-intensive sites for emergency use, providing people with convenient and safe service.

Product name

metal cell phone charging locker

Steel thickness

0.5mm, 0.6mm as usual, 0.4-1.2mm are acceptable


Customized RAL color, Pan tone color and so on.




key lock or other customized lock


5 years for normal usage

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